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What is lexit?

LEXIT is a platform for transforming Intellectual Property into Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Anyone owning Art, Music, Film/Videos, Patents or Technical Inventions, can join and submit a listing for an NFT Launch, collect NFTs, follow/like its favourite creators and have the ability to build their NFT identity with LEXIT.

LEXIT will soon after also release an extension of its NFT Launchpad with an integration of its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which will make launched NFTs immediately available for trading on LEXIT’s DeFi Pools.

When is LEXIT’s NFT Platform Live?

The NFT Platform will be live in Q4 2021. LEXIT’s Platform will launch in TWO stages. Stage 1 will be the first version of LEXIT’s Platform and the first product launch of LEXIT. The NFT Launchpad. This version will showcase a unique user experience with a marketplace of single NFT Drops and large collections. You will be able to list, buy, sell or trade your NFTs on www.LEXIT.com and grow your NFT Identity with our NFT Society build in. Stage 2 will launch the second product of LEXIT’s NFT Platform. The Decentralized Exchange. LEXIT will have DeFi Liquidity Pools integrated with the NFT Launchpad. This version will not only give creators the ability to Launch their NFTs, but have their Launched NFTs immediately available for trading on our LEXIT DeFi Pools. This version will enable more users or fans to be involved in your NFT Launch. Both versions will launch Q4 2021 & Q1 2022.

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What am I waitlisting for?

You are waitlisting for the launch of LEXIT’s NFT Platform. There will be promotional codes provided for special offerings for our featured NFT clients.

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Does LEXIT have a token?

Yes, called LEXi Coin, $LEXI. LEXIT had an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) on May 26th on Binance Smart Chain on the famously successful BSCPad.com and we sold out in 42 seconds with a massive oversubscription. $LEXI is currently trading on PancakeSwap.Finance & Bitmart.com and more exchanges are imminent to list our LEXi Coin

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