NFT meets DeFi

This is LEXIT

LEXIT Version One, The NFT Launchpad, is a platform for tokenizing Intellectual Property into Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Anyone owning Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) such as Art, Music, Film/Videos, Patents or Technical Inventions, can create a profile and submit a listing for an NFT, collect NFTs, follow/like its favourite creators and have the ability to build their NFT identity.

LEXIT will release an extension of its NFT Launchpad, Version Two, with an integration of its upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which will enable launched NFTs immediately available for trading on LEXIT’s DeFi Pools.

Meaning, Instead of JUST making a single NFT Drop and having singular transactions for that NFT. Your NFT will be split into thousands or even millions of shards that we call (sNFT)’s. These sNFT’s are then released on our integrated Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with the purpose to gain more accessibility & participation to your minted NFT

THAT IS LEXIT. An NFT Launchpad with an Integrated Decentralized Exchange. Our Unique platform makes Launched NFTs immediately available for trading on our LEXIT DeFi Pools.

NFT Launchpad

The journey begins with the Artist or Inventor creating an NFT via our LEXIT platform. It continues with their NFT being offered on our NFT launchpad to everyone who wishes to participate. While simultaneously

While simultaneously supporting the Artist or Inventor, our users are obtaining NFTs that could be of great benefit to themselves.

LEXIT Defi Pools

The LEXIT DeFi Pools are a natural extension of our NFT Launchpad. Instead of using MULTIPLE services & platforms, we thought it would be AWESOME that our users can do EVERYTHING on a single platform. So we did JUST THAT!

Our DeFi Pools can be opened up by any LEXIT user. All you have to do is just stake SOME liquidity yourself. The DeFi Pools will feature FLEXIBLE asset pairs and be open to other projects who are in need of liquidity and want to benefit from the LEXi Coins´ performance.

LEXNET DeFi Protocol

LEXIT is built upon our OWN Protocol, the LEXNET. The LEXNET Blockchain is a highly performant EVM (Ethereum & Forks of it) compatible novel protocol. It features smart contracts and a dynamic validator pooling among other innovative hallmarks.

The LEXNET prototype projects a hashrate of 32,000 TPS (transactions per Second) with further scalability at future demand.




CEO and Founder

Katia Zaitsev

CBO and Co-Founder

Sayeed Hafijul

Lead Product Designer

John Wise

Head of Business Development & Intellectual Property